Original Tunes

Rest Hour Jig

I wrote this tune in 1976 during rest hour at Camp Lymelight, where I was the arts and crafts counselor. This was a camp for autistic and brain damaged children and adults. This tune was selected for the first Composer's Dance that Tod Whittemore organized in 1978 or 1979 or thereabouts. I am not sure how they used a three part jig in a contra dance.

Paula's Fancy

I wrote this tune for Paula some time in the late 70's. Although I played a recording of it at our wedding, it was written well before then. It was selected for the second Composer's Dance

How come there weren't any worms or maggots at the Composer's Dance?

They were all at the Decomposer's Dance.

Rebecca's Reel #1

I wrote this for Rebecca when she was a few months old (1983).

D & C Rag

Written for David Wersan and Caroline Owens when they got married (1983).

Wersandry Waltz

Written for Ellen Wersan and Tim Sandry when they got married (1986, I think).

Lament for Norman Wersan

I originally wrote this for Ellen and Tim, but it never really seemed like a wedding tune. I renamed it after my father died.

Lawsbrook Lullaby

I wrote this for Bill and Sallie Satterthwaite for their wedding.

Two Js Wedding

I wrote this for Joel and Jennifer Birnbaum for their wedding.

ConKateNate Waltz

Written for the wedding of Kate Wersan and Nathan Barker. Kate asked me to play the banjo as part of the wedding procession. It was an homage to my late father.

Knocking Down the Mangoes

In the summer of 2000, we took a vacation in Hawaii. As usual, Meagan Carmody joined us. One day we visited a coffee plantation. Rebecca and Meagan went across the street and were trying to knock mangoes out of a tree. I thought that Knocking Down the Mangoes would be a good name for a tune, a la Shaking Down the Acorns. When Meagan married Toby Mayers in 2015, it seemed like a good time to make the tune happen.


Pronounced "shenanigans." For the wedding of Anna Wersan and Shane Conner.

Andybob's Jig

When my nieces Kate and Anna were little, Kate called Anna Andybob. There is a New England dance tune called Dusty Bob's Jig. I thought for a long time that it would be good to have a tune called Andybob's Jig. When Anna married Shane, I wrote this tune. My nephew, Sandy Posnick, plays bass on this recording.