Terry Huffaker and I were joking around at a dance and ended up singing How Can I Keep From Dancing. I later realized that it would be a better play on the original to sing How Can I Keep From Swinging. Thinking that this couldn't be original to me, I did an internet search, but came up empty. Of course, that doesn't mean no one has written something like this, just that it isn't on a web site somewhere or my search criteria wasn't good enough to find it. Nevertheless, a mental itch like this needs to be scratched. Hope you enjoy it.

How Can I Keep From Swinging

The number 1s move down the hall
The 2s they are advancing.
The ritual repeats itself
As we are contradancing.
From reel to jig to waltz to march,
I hear the fiddle ringing.
And with my partner in my arms
How can I keep from swinging.

Improper, proper, becket
These are some of the formations
That our dance caller doth propose
While we're in conversation.
Occasion'ly we dance a square
Some spoken and some singing
Regardless of geometry
How can I keep from swinging.

Despite our aching limbs and joints
And plantar fasci-itus
Our love of music and of dance
Continues to unite us.
My knees are gimpy, elbow's sore
My palms they both are stinging
But when my partner's eyes meet mine
How can I keep from swinging.